Occupation:  Artist - Glassmith
COMPANY: Eccentric Jewels and Glass
MENTORS: Syracuse University

Larissa Marangoni- Gretchen Nass 


Artist statement:

Playing With Fire:

My lampworking designs emerge from a fusion of fine silvers

 bicarbonates and texture


create a unique symbiosis.


  My work is often described as

Upscale Rustic


Boho Chic


Wildly Whimsical.



Fine Arts:

Syracuse University: Syracuse, New York

 La Trobe University: Melbourne , Australia

Reviews :




Rustic Raku Glass by Leese


 A crusted layer over shining glass, hints of color like a gem crusted over by the salt of the sea.




Earthy matte texture , shining flecks of silver, the variety of shapes... Silvered river stones tumbled smooth in the eddies.



While the polished beads in this set are lovely, they are outshone by the textured beads that combine grit with gloss, a slick sheen over the pitted surface like that of ancient glass buffeted by desert sands.